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[Technical Inquiry] I need to support two different I/O units at run-time

I need to support two different I/O units at run-time

I have a Delhi 2007 application that needs to access 8 digital in and 8 digital out.  We originally had it running on a WinXP machine using a PCI-1761I for the I/O, but needed to migrate to a Win10 box.  We've bought a USB-5860 and installed the DAQNav stuff on my laptop and got it running with the USB-5860 I/O unit.  No problems there.
The issue is this:  We also need to run it with the PCI-1761 unit, so I need the software to cater for both units.  When I got it running with the USB-5860 I right-clicked the components and used the wizard to configure them.  That was easy because the laptop (which I was developing the software on) had the 5860 plugged into the USB.

How do I achieve the same thing with the PCI-1761?   I can't right-click the DIO components and invoke the wizard because the 1761 isn't plugged into the laptop (nor can it be - no PCI slot on the laptop.

Likewise, I can't compile the code on the Win10 box as there would be way too much effort in getting the development environment all set up.

So my question:  How can I configure TInstantDoCtrl and TInstantDiCtrl components at run-time, connecting them to whichever I/O interface is present at the time ?


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