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[Technical Inquiry] .NET utility GCL support

.NET utility GCL support

I'll preface that I am a stem cell biologist with no experience in this space, so please be patient. My research is focused on the biological effects of repeated pressure on neurons grown in a dish. I had an acrylic pressure chamber constructed with a Parker P31P electronic proportional regulator. The regulator is connected to the ADAM6224 and I'm using the .NET utility to create logic rules in GCL configuration. I would like to create a set of rules where the AO is increased from 4mA to 10mA over the course of 1 minute, holds for 90 minutes, and then the AO changes from 10mA to 4mA over the course of 30 minutes. I think I have figured out the rules for AO increase and decrease and setting the timer, but have not yet found out how to change the time to ramp up and ramp down.
Any help is appreciated.


I can't think of a way that the 6224 GCL would be able to implement that in GCL alone. There simply aren't enough rules and GCL is too primitive to have any math that results in a AO target/setpoint.

There is the ADAM-3600+ADAM-3624 that would be able to do all of that. It has a softPLC engine built-in.

Someday there will be a ADAM-6724 with three AO channels. It would be based on Node-RED (there are two modules released in that series so far 6717 & 6750). Node-RED has enough capability to implement a state machine and accumulate/count down/up and drive a channel.

Using Node-RED on a computer (there are windows and linux distros of it) you could implement the same kind of state machine and drive the 6224 that you already have. It would require the computer to be On and attached for full-time access & control of the remote IO. (Node-RED would drive/write to the AO channels through Modbus/TCP)


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