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[Technical Inquiry] Running GCL while not connected to a network

Running GCL while not connected to a network

I have used the ADAM/APAX Utility to successfully design my GCL rules, and running through all my scenarios while my PC is connected to the ADAM controller via Ethernet, everything looks great. However, as soon as I remove the ADAM controller from the ethernet connection, it stops executing the GCL code. I can shutdown the ADAM/APAX utility, and the ADAM keeps executing just fine, but as soon as it loses network connectivity, it stops executing the GCL. Approximately 10 seconds after I plug the ethernet cable back in, it starts to execute again.
I've tried:
  • Remove ethernet cable while ADAM powered on
  • Power off ADAM while connected, then disconnect and power ADAM on

I intend for this code to execute whether or not there is a network connection, please what setting am I missing?

In my attached example code, I am executing on an ADAM-6060. The quickest way to tell the GCL is not executing is that I toggle the DI1 input, and I should see the DO1 output also toggle.
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What firmware version running on which hardware revision?


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