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[Technical Inquiry] how to read floating data in WebAccess

how to read floating data in WebAccess

     I'm trying read a Floating point tag created in multiprog (CPU - 5510EKW/TP), through WebAccess.
I can read the multiprog tag using Modbus Poll (TCP/IP). In my WebAccess Project, I've added comport as TCP/IP, device as Modicon. The communication is okay, & system tag "DevSTS" is showing OK, I've already read the Unsigned Integer Value with this config. But when I try to read the Real value by selecting conversion code to "IEEE Floating Point"
& using the same address which I've already tested in Modbus Poll, showing me some different value, or fluctuates randomly.
plz help me out.


bro, please make sure the length is 32 and use IEEE, Reversed Word instead..

WebAccess "

IEEE Floating Point" not really "

IEEE Floating Point"... I dont know why...


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