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[Technical Inquiry] ADAM 3600 OPC UA Client

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ADAM 3600 OPC UA Client

I'm trying to connect ADAM3600 (as an OPC UA Client) with Prosys OPC UA Simulation Server (an OPC UA Server app).I have attached some photo of my Edgelink configuration, the Server Url name, and my PC IP address (where Prosys is running).
The problem is, after downloading Edgelink project to ADAM3600, the Server still cannot recognise a connecting session, so that mean my ADAM3600 have not connect to the Server yet.
Can you tell me if I have missed some steps?
I followed the instruction in this doc: (provided by mr. benDOTmorgan)

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Adam 3600 - RTU to TCP

HiI connect Adam 3600 to Modbus RTU by RS485 in IO TAG. I read 10 tag. I want to write this value To modbus TCP device that I connected to IO Tag too.
In fact I connected to both device. How I can write to one off them from another one.
Thank you and I hope any body coulde answer me.


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