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[Technical Inquiry] ADAM 3600 Modbus TCP

ADAM 3600 Modbus TCP

HiI'm doing a small project at university. Because of some reason, I decided to use ADAM 3600 as the controller for the project.
The task that I'm concerning is: I have a Modbus TCP master. Now I need to config ADAM 3600 as a Modbus TCP slave.
I have no idea how to access to holding register (4xxxx) and input register (3xxxx) in ADAM3600. And is it possible for the Modbus master to both write and read from my ADAM3600? Or it is just able to write (the ADAM3600 cannot write back to master)?
Thank you and hope to get some instruction from you soon


Hi,Once you've installed the EdgeLink Studio open the Help from inside the application. Read section 2.4.1.
Holding Registers are read & write capable. Input Registers are Read-Only.


Read from Modbus RTU And Write on Modbus TCP

HiI connect Adam 3600 to Modbus RTU by RS485 in IO TAG. I read 10 tag. I want to write this value To modbus TCP device that I connected to IO Tag too.
In fact I connected to both device. How I can write to one off them from another one.
Thank you and I hope any body coulde answer me.


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