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[Technical Inquiry] PM Designer with PPC or TPC?

PM Designer with PPC or TPC?


can i use the PM Designer with PPC or TPC? Or only with WOP?

The supported OS is XP, Vista, 7, etc and i think, the PM Designer work with PPC or TPC....!?!?

Where can i find the Download Link?

Best Regards



My interpretation of your question is that you want to run the project on non-WebOp hardware.  That product doesn't exist yet, it would be considered a 'runtime'.

In the future there will be a WebOp 3000 series that uses Windows CE 6.0 for ARM and has the WebOp 'runtime' integrated.  You'll be able to use it the same as the proprietary WebOp hardware.  The ARM-based 'runtime' itself won't transport to other platforms.

Maybe in the distant future there will be a 'runtime' that will work on the PPC or TPC x86 platforms.  But I've not heard of it.


Hi Sebastian,

To be sure there is no term misunderstanding.
PM Designer is SDK to deploy stuff on Panel Master O/S based devices like WOP.

So Yes. You can run PM Designer SDK on any x86 like PPC / TPC.
But I suppose You want to run PM O/S client.  Right ?

I don't know how it looks like from License point of view but You can run PM Designer with simulation on it ;)
PM O/S is designed for low-end ARM based stuff. In Advantech catalog You can find wide range of WOP products from 4.3 - 12" inches LCD. Use PPC x86 will be too expensive.

Rather then PM maybe You should consider use my lovely ADAMView. There is Windows CE and Windows XP/7. You can even use Android clients and/or internet browser. It worth spend money on ADAMView instead of PM stuff


Hi Sebastian

Yes you can do that.
The program is called PanelExpress and you have to by a license from Advantech.

It´s included within the latest download of Web OP Designer. Use the same program to WOP and to PC.

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