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[Technical Inquiry] S7-1200 and WOP-2070V-N4AE Link

S7-1200 and WOP-2070V-N4AE Link

Hello everyone,

I'm working on a project with a S7-1200 PLC, and now the costumer wants to include an HMI, and he already purchased an Advantech HMI WOP-2070V-N4AE , I've never worked with this HMI's before, but I saw that there is a trial software and I'm going to start to work with it.

My question is because I'm not shure how I'm going to make the communication between the two devices, if it was a Siemens HMI I could do the programming on the S7 Basic software and the linking would be very easy; but since it's not, do you know how should I make the ethernet communication (and how to link the variables), I'm not controlling from the HMI, I'm just showing the status of the PLC's variables.

Thanks and best regards.



Dear Juanmxd,

For WOP Advantech is providing free tool - Project Manager.
You should have it on included driver CD ... You can always download it from:

To link WOP with S7 during create PM project You have fields to select PLC ...
there are many many to choose from different brands including Siemens too
Link over serial port / LAN network.
Then You have a new object to manage ... for PM there is about 300 pages of manual


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