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[Technical Inquiry] How do I install programs advantech utility Win CE

How do I install programs advantech utility Win CE

Thanks in advance for help.
me and my tpc 30T devices have RS485 communication devices must adam4018. With these two devices for reading and recording temperatures of different points I want to do.

1) sample programs I have deployed the program in 4017-18, but he "failed to open com port" has no error.
2) Win CE program with utility for Advantech okunabilirmi?
3) How do I'll run this program
4) How will install
5) Does the sample program for communication with rs232?
6) to deploy the program again, I start the device is lost. Why?


6) Deploy to \HardDisk as anywhere else will be lost when power is removed.


Please follow link below :

You can find AdamNet Utility (ARM) to connect to ADAM-4K


101 201 chinese cvv pos atm data head

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