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[Technical Inquiry] ADAM6060 Setting Single Digital Output with REST API resets all others to 0

ADAM6060 Setting Single Digital Output with REST API resets all others to 0


we're using the REST API to set the digital outputs of several ADAM 6060.

If we try to set a single digital output to "1" or "0" then every other output is reset to "0"

An example:
Say D0=0, D1=1, D2=1, D3=1, D4=0, D5=0
Setting D0 to "1" with:
curl --user root:00000000 -i -X POST -d "DO0=1"
results in all set to "0" exept D0:
D0=1, D1=0, D2=0, D3=0, D4=0, D5=0

Desired behaviour:
We want to set each digital output independent of all the others just like it can be done with the ADAM/Apax .NET tool.

Please let me know how we can achieve this, since a:
curl --user root:00000000 -i -X POST -d "DO0=1"

isn't implemented ("file not found")

I already updated to the latest firmware ADAM6000_DIO_v611B12_UT.bin

Many thanks in advance,
with best regards,
Jens Greiner

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Dear Mr. Greiner,

We know about your described issue but our RESTful rule right now is a little bit different
User have to send all the DO status at the sametime.
As for example:

If all DO are “on” and you want to turn-off DO0 onADAM-6052-D
You have to send following command.(Command should include all DOchannels’ status)

I know this might be not as you expect but this is the way we can support from point of view of today  
We will discuss and improve this for future use

For any other question or more deatils you also can send an email to  Contcat in Europe via emai :


This is a major bummer since this behaviour is not menationed at all in your documentation.

And this is not something anyone would expect and needs to have.


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