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[Technical Inquiry] ADAM-4018+-BE thermocouple module unstable/noisy

ADAM-4018+-BE thermocouple module unstable/noisy

Dear community,
I hope this posting is in the right thread "Industrial I/O". Unfortunately I have big trouble with some ADAM-4018+ Modules.
In my setup i have a ADAM-4561-CE module, connected to five ADAM-4018+-BE Thermocouple input modules. The RS-485 Bus is termiated by a resistor. I connected some thermocoluple plugs using Type K thermo wires to the ADAM modules. This usually works like a charm. Unfortunately there are two problems:
1. The ADAM modules seems to be very EMC fragile. Sometimes even touching the thermocouple causes the ADAM4018 to to send ASCII trash to the master (via RS485), instead of the Ascii temperature string.

2. Sometimes a temperature sensor shows completely wrong values or gets very noisy without any reason. Plugging another thermocouple to the noisy channel doesn't result in stable, correct values. I double checked the thermocouples, the connections, the thermo calble. Everything is connected propperly, but the channels alre still noisy and sometimes shows completely wrong values. What could cause the unstability of the modules? Is there any best practice to connect/operate this modules or to use some kind of filter? The Firmware rev. is A2.05

I'm very confused because sometimes I can "fix" the problem by disconnecting an reconnecting the Termocouples, somes it helps to change the temperaure to get them perfect stable, sometimes restarting the ADAM module fixes the problem. I can't trust the mesurements of this modules.

I would be happy for any idea
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Quick reply, I talked to an engineer working on an distributor of ADAM, that knows the ADAM modules very good. He told me to use the newer Version of the ADAM configuration tool (.net). In the newer version, I can program a line Filter on each ADAM-4018+ Module in init mode.
This filter was set to 60Hz by default. I changed it to 50Hz (the german line frequency).
Now I'm waiting for the customers response.


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