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[Technical Inquiry] PCI-1716/L software problem

PCI-1716/L software problem

Hy everyone!
I try to learn the DAQ programming, and I plug in the PCI-1716/L card in the PC, and every works fine (driver, digital multimeter), but when i try to check the DataLogger and SignalMeter software, not work.
The DataLogger installer is say a problem "DAQNavi Navigator Plugin" is incompatibility. Why?
I downloaded the latest version every program.
The SignalMeter installer is say "DAQNavi PCI-1716/MIC-3716 Driver" is incompatible component.
What can I do for this issue?

Maybe this is important: PCI-1716L Driver Version: 3,1,7,0
Advantech Navigator Version 3.2
Virtual Multimeter Version:

Try to install:

The machine is not online (doesn't have any ethernet port).
I can't upgrade online. If i have offline file, i move there, and install.

Thanks the answers!
The problem solved like this:
Put the CD what I found in the box (Ihave to search a CD writer...), and this driver version is there:
3,1,8,0. (the online driver is 3,1,7,0)
This driver is run perfect!
(btw why not up to date the online driver?)

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TOP my case  just like my previous one my pc will not recognise it. I spent the day yesterday taking it out and putting it into different pci slots on my pc (I also did this with the original one I had) but it’s just not installing or being recognised. I tried looking for drivers for the new card but have had no luck. I even tried a fresh install of windows but alas no luck.
I m not too computer savvy but it looks like it’s not even recognised in my device manager.
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It must show up in the Windows Device Manger, either as a unknown device or as the correct Advantech name. If it is entirely absent there is something wrong with the DAQ or the computer (bad PCI slot(s) or the BIOS is not issuing PnP resources for the card).

After it appears the normal WIndows driver on the support site is the most up-to-date


Quick search in Advantech Support Portal