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[Technical Inquiry] adam6000 web server with GPIO : example wtout java

adam6000 web server with GPIO : example wtout java

Hi,With ADAM6024 The windows gui is able to connect and read GPIO status, values and change GPIO output

I can acces to html web server with firefox and 192.168.... when adam 6024 is connect throught ETH. But there are no GPIO reading, writing features : The html page is a simple sentence.

Readind doc I understand that i need to build the web server...before downloading file into adam.

Where can I find a basic example to be able to see GPIO status with html navigator?

PS : after many hours  I understand that the java solution is part of the issue.
Could you provide a solution without java?



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No, the 6024 can't be used with any newer technology than that Java Applet. The firmware only supports UDP packets which can only be managed by a java applet, in a web browser. The 6024 is a much older design and can't be updated to the newer REST standard.

Any of the ADAM-60xx-D revision modules support REST and HTML5. Any of the ADAM-62xx-B modules do as well


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