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[Technical Inquiry] adam6000 web server with GPIO : example wtout java

adam6000 web server with GPIO : example wtout java

Hi,With ADAM6024 The windows gui is able to connect and read GPIO status, values and change GPIO output

I can acces to html web server with firefox and 192.168.... when adam 6024 is connect throught ETH. But there are no GPIO reading, writing features : The html page is a simple sentence.

Readind doc I understand that i need to build the web server...before downloading file into adam.

Where can I find a basic example to be able to see GPIO status with html navigator?

PS : after many hours  I understand that the java solution is part of the issue.
Could you provide a solution without java?



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No, the 6024 can't be used with any newer technology than that Java Applet. The firmware only supports UDP packets which can only be managed by a java applet, in a web browser. The 6024 is a much older design and can't be updated to the newer REST standard.

Any of the ADAM-60xx-D revision modules support REST and HTML5. Any of the ADAM-62xx-B modules do as well


GPIOstatus in web browser

hello one week ago i bought an adam 6050-D to mouser. Front view ‘’ADAM6050’’ Only one sticker on the module is written ADAM-6050-D. With the Apax.NET Gui I read : ADAM-6050 ; Firmwversion 6,02 B11. I suppose it is a 6050-D version.

I want to see GPIO status without ApaxGui , with a browser
In a browser : 192,168,0,99 : need java that I can not use it in our network.

Is there a solution to have a simple web server. ResT ?

Could you provide some simple file example to see GPIOS status in a browser ?



web solution

solution :update firmware with 2 steps:
load the html file in the module
browser connection :ip
log : root
pwd : 00000000
it works...
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I sugggest you tu suppress java shiting solution and performed this update in your fab ..your product will be more efficient, easy , attractive. Yout customer won"t spend time...

REST is working also :
I will try python acces



Hi,I'm glad you got it to work. The ADAM-6000 manual does say the default does not support HTML5 without downloading that additional file.

I've no ones ear to get anything changed; I've worked long enough with the 6000 to know about this situation. (and the difficulties with the 6024 not supporting HTML5 at all) The only, withering, argument that has been made to me is that the 6000, as a family, is that they are the 'older' design and there might be some customer that expects identical operation between the A,AE,BE (Java only) revisions and the occasion they implement the newer CE,D that is switchable.


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