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[Technical Inquiry] ADAM 3600 ( Valve Close Command ) problem

ADAM 3600 ( Valve Close Command ) problem

First of all sorry for my english ...
Hello, im using ADAM3600 and i have a problem with DO signals, when im trying to send a close command from SCADA to the RTU to close a valve in a remote site the SCADA sends to the RTU "1"  then then RTU response to the SCADA that i receive this "1" then the SCADA sends again the "0" to the RTU to close the valve that's the way of how to close a valve using modbus protocol and im using a falling edge trigger through a multiprog program to handle this way , the problem here is the SCADA sends only the "1" to the RTU (monitoring it through the debug mode) and the "0" dosent received what is the problem here and by the way im using more than 20 ADAM 3600 with the same configuration and working good with me. and im using GPRS as a media through serial cable 232.
Thank you and sorry again .


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