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[Technical Inquiry] ADAM-6024 Expected MODbus Response time

[Technical Inquiry] ADAM-6024 Expected MODbus Response time

Can you tell me what the expected response time is for a MODBUS Query on an ADAM-6024.
Using wireshark I am seeing on average 65mS before a response comes back from a query. This seems very slow.

With the 6024 I have had to lift the scan time of the plc from 25mS to 100mS to ensure we get a response back.

In the past we have used a ADAM 6017 unit and were having no issues with the 25mS scan time.

Is there a setting that will allow the 6024 unit to rely in a more timely fashion?

Andrew Potter

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The 6024 CPU is a old design, leading to slow response times. There are no settings to control response times.

I'd suggest you use the more modern 6224 if the response time is the primary selection criteria.


The 6224 is not even an Analogue Input device so is not a viable replacement.
The 6024 is a 12Ch Analog Input/Output whereas the 6224 is ony 4Ch Analog Output.

It is the inputs that I am interested in.

We may be able to use a 6217 (8ch Analog Input) instead.


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