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[Technical Inquiry] How to change Baudrate on ADAM 5510EKW/TP in mode selection Configuration Mode?

You can't change the SIM5KE (where the rack passes through the IO cards so you can set their parms in the utility) baud rate. It is fixed to 9600 all the time.
Configuration = SIM5KW = Init
It is meant as a Maintenance mode set the IO cards (as the 5510 as no other way to get into the card parameters). You can't use Configuration mode full time. If you want a Rack that allows normal ASCII or Modbus/RTU communications over the serial port, for remote IO, use the ADAM-5000E or ADAM-5000/485 (both serial).
(or ADAM-5000L/TCP or ADAM-5000/TCP for Ethernet)


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