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[Technical Inquiry] Communication between ADAM 6017 and SCADA

Communication between ADAM 6017 and SCADA

Hi! I am wanting to communicate an ADAM 6017 module with aSCADA supervisory (Elipse E3) via MODBUS protocol, but I can't. Do I have tocreate a program? I have already downloaded AdamApax.NET class library but Icannot open any .sln files in the Program Files \ Advantech \ AdamApax.NETClass Library \ Sample path
Code \ ADAM \ Win32 \ VB \ ADAM-6000 Series \ Adam60XXDIO.The ADAM 6017 User's Manual states that you must first download the NETFramework 2.0. But for the .sln and .vb file formats I downloaded MicrosoftVisual Studio 2019. It didn't open and I downloaded an earlier version,Microsoft Visual Studio 2013, so I was able to open only the .vb files. What doI need to do now? Can you help me? I need to use a sensor to read pressure froma vacuum line.


I inform that I was able to download the scripts of the ADAM 6000 series devices by the Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 software and made the changes to specify the ADAM 6017. However I could not communicate with ESCADA Elipse E3, because the parameters N1 / B1 (slave id) are missing and N4 / B4 (register address or slave device variable). Does anyone know of these parameters?


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