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[Technical Inquiry] Adam 5000/485 Modbus Communication Error with Adam5080 module

Adam 5000/485 Modbus Communication Error with Adam5080 module


i am Salvatore, i am using Adam5000/485 to control an automation system.

Communication Description:

Protocol: Modbus
Baud rate:57600
Data Bits:8
Polling time: 200ms

Adam Modules I/O Configuration:

Adam 5080
Adam 5013
Adam 5051S
Adam 5056S

In the modbus configuration of Adam5000 we define the first 4 pairs of modbus registers as the counters. In each poll message, we request  22 registers. Those 2 counter are connected with 2 encoders with double channels (up-down bi-directional shifted square). We found a problem while polling the Adam. When the counter low register reach the limit of modbus register (16 bit HEX: FFFF) sometimes when we send a modbus read request in the answer we find that the low register is near FFFF but the high register is already changed with new value.
This answer has the effect that suddenly the value is increased by about 65000, while the correct amount should be less then 200.
i attach at this post my log file and the modbus configuration. (Stacktrace is in bytes(decimal)):

i'm waiting an answer that can help me with this problem
Thanks, Best Regards
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