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[Technical Inquiry] ADAM 6000 GCL



I have used 3x ADAM6050's in a school in 3 classroom blocks for a lock down and evacuation system. Each 6050 has switch inputs and outputs that operate a tone generator.

I have used GCL so that if ANY switch is turned on, the output at ALL blocks goes on.
When the switch is turned off, ALL outputs go off.

Everything works just fine....well worked just fine, for months.

Now, every now and then, only the local 6050 will switch its output on.
I have viewed the GCL live with Utility, and the remote modules are not getting triggered.

How does the GCL data transfer function, does it just send a message once and hope it was received?
Or does it have to get acknowledgement from the receiving module?

Does it send the message just once, or periodically based on the execution period?

If I don't click RUN before exiting utility, will GCL still operate?

Attached GCL files, any assistance appreciated.

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  • Continuously
  • No acknowledgement
  • On the period time
  • Only if RUN is clicked. leaving in Prog mode means no rule is executed.


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