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[Technical Inquiry] Switch Relais from WISE

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Switch Relais from WISE

Can i use a button on the DI of the WISE-4050 WLAN to switch the Relais on WISE-4060 WLAN? How to configure this?

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No, there is no Peer2Peer feature in the WISE series. Or GCL.


Ok, thank you.

I search a solution to push a button and send the DI over WLAN ( or Zigbee ) to a relais modul without Computer. A cable solution like ADAM-6000 to ADAM-6000 is not possible.

And a EKI-63xx for Ethernet - WLAN - is to much.


Well, No wifi module to wifi module version of that scenario exists in Advantech's lineup.

Now you can have a wifi module be polled by a PAC or the newer iRTU that has a wifi MiniPCIe card it.
The PAC or iRTU runs a softPLC engine to process the logic that links inputs to outputs.
Could be the wifi WISE or wired WISE/ADAM (basically anything with Modbus/TCP or RTU).

One ADAM-3600-C2G could poll a dozen modules or so. I think currently up to 200 tags (modbus coils/registers).
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