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[Technical Inquiry] ADAM 6250 Counter Start Stop Clear

ADAM 6250 Counter Start Stop Clear

I cannot get the 6051 Counter Example to work correctly with my new 6250

Does anyone have sample VB code to Start Stop and Clear the counter (DI0)?

Also - is there an internal timer that can be used? (Im setting up a tachometer)

I managed to use the Modbus TCP Example to read the register value of DI0.

Thanks for any help


ok, remember c0&1 are actually channels 13 & 14 on a 6051. so on a 6250 the counter coils for DI0 are at the beginning of the table not the end.
I won't be near a module until the end of next week to rework the example I've posted to the forum.

there is no timer exposed on the ADAM modules. if you are trying to capture a frequency you should set the channel to that mode. rather than trying to count something and divide over a time base.


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