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[Technical Inquiry] Motion control using Advantech PCI-1240 card

Motion control using Advantech PCI-1240 card

Hello everyone
I'm facing a problem using Advantech pci 1240, The problem is that the card can't be recognized by neither Advantech Device Manager nor Matlab but it is easily recognized by Windows device manager. what can I do so that the card could be recognized by Advantech device manager & Matlab?P.S:I'm using windows XP service pack 3 right now and the results were the same on higher versions of windows. P.S.2:I have attached pictures of advantech device manager and windows device manager on my computer to this post.
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Dear saaTom
as I said I'm using windows XP service Pack 3 and this windows does not have UAC. do you have any other suggestion about my problem??


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