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EKI 1224 Gateway Path Unavailable (0x0A)

EKI 1224 Gateway Path Unavailable (0x0A)

I am using EKI 1224 Ethernet gateway. I have a problem with regards to the gateway path unavailable error that pops up in the CAS Modbus Scanner during poll. I don't know what to do with regards to this problem.

I have this setup for my activity. Thermocouple is the sensor attached to the FY 400 Temperature Controller. The Temperature Controller is connected in Modbus RTU via RS 485 in the EKI 1224 Ethernet Gateway. I wish to view the PV of the controller in my PC.

This is my network address used:

PC: subnet default gateway

Ethernet Gateway: subnet default gateway

Im using the Modbus TCP connection during poll. and when I use the Serial connection the status is "Cannot connect to COM1".

Can someone help me with this problem?


EKI-1224 is a modbus gateway where it will packs it from RTU to TCP format.

Firstly, in EKI-1224, did you setup your slave id in order to capture data in your temperature controller?

In your temperature controller, im supposed it can set the slave id and baud rate setting. then in EKI-1224, you need to set the port baud rate and also the slave id. Before that, you need to make sure it is "Slave Mode" and also "RTU" data type.

Once you have done the setup, you can use the modbus scanner to point to your EKI-1224 for exmple, to poll data.


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