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[Technical Inquiry] 4069 Recived Fail error

4069 Recived Fail error

1. We want to integrate the following modules on Modbus protocol.  
a.4117,4118,4015,4051, 4024  and  4069
2. We have connected all the module on daisychain  through Adam  4572(Converter).
3. We are able to connect and read the data from 4117,4118,4015,4051, 4024 modules.
4. But we are facing the problem while writing the digital data on 4069. We tried the sample code which is install with Adam utility .
5.While writing value on 4069 through Error received ADAM5Ktcp_Recevied Failure ( -6). I am using c++ and ADAMTCP.dll . I want use 4069 through 4572 only in c++ . Please  suggest.

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