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[Technical Inquiry] Sending Email in AdamView

Sending Email in AdamView

Is there a way, using B***cript or otherwise to send in email with AdamView?


I don’t know of any examples to send email from ADAMView.  I’ve sent email from Excel Macros before and that method would work for ADAMView.

This is a command line email program:

This is a secure tunnel(some email servers require encrypted connections):

From ADAMView you can create a B a s i cScript that uses the Shell function.  It would call blat to send the email



Rather than searching some SMTP related function , isn't there any way to open raw TCP port ?
You know SMTP works usually on 25 TCP port and sending message is a few commands, helo, mail from, to, data ....

If there is no direct TCP feature there is other workaround You can consider.
For sure there is some direct serial port communication.
So, we have to use some free TCP port mapping into serial port , like this freeware for x86 platforms:
Then You get virtual serial port ex. COM5 which in reality is TCP bridge to SMTP server and then send all those helo,mail form,to, data over it.


To get it to work I just did what benDOTmorgan suggested.


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