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MODBUS Master, how to read from ADAM 4117 slaves

MODBUS Master, how to read from ADAM 4117 slaves

Hello forum,
I will apprecciatte your support to help me to find out how to read 4117 Modbus slaves.

1.- I have configured 5510EKW/TP as Modbus Master, RS485 (jumper and dip switches, check), COM4

2.- I have configured 4117 modules for Modbus (through Adam utilities). I can see modules through AdamNet utility.

It seems that 4117 slave is being read as the COM led is blinking and changing from led to green.

  • I dont know where in the 5510EKW is saved the Modbus data coming from 4117 modules
  • in KW when I use /O configuration,  an configure an input group as modbus slave, then I compile and download, cold start the KW show ERROR, wich is related to the IO_configuration Modbus, since when I delete this from IO configuration the ERROR is cleared.

May you please let me know how to read 5117 from 5510EKW, where the data is located in the memory of the 5510EKW/TP

thanks in advance


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