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UNO 3084 continuous hang

UNO 3084 continuous hang

Hi all,

I have a UNO 3084. Often, when system boot, system hang on startup when try to load windows system. I tried to change different HDD but the resut is the same. System, sometimes, hang during normal operation of windows (installing windows update!). Case is quite hot, I read a temperature around 60 degrees.

I saw that on home site there are old versions of drivers and no new BIOS version. Is there some known issue?

My configuration is standard Advantech UNO 3084 configuration with the standard HDD, no solid state.

I tried also with an intel SDD but the result is the same.

Thank you


Dear Magicpn,

1. As You suspect HDD please look on this topic regarding switch SATA mode in drive:

2. In UNO-3084 You have 2 SATA channels, try to switch cables to second channel.

3. UNO-3084 depend by model can be with C2D - this CPU is soo hot. Check in BIOS ~ "PC Health Configuration" and/or  under Windows using H/W monitoring application ~Speedfan trace component temperature.
Sure if CPU goes over 80*C there is something wrong.

4. Is it Advantech O/S XPe or own retail Windows ? If there is Advantech try to install retail XP/W7.


Dear tomasz,

thank you for reply. I'm trying different hardware setting to isolate the hangs cause. Now system works on a temperature of 60° degrees and if you tell that threshold is 80, now seems to be good. I want to make one week tests to verify if system with my application is stable or not. In this way I hope to understand the reason of my hangs.

For SATA1 issue I can do nothing because my Intel X25 SSD Hard Disk hasn't that option. I'd like to try to install boot sector of my WIndows 7 Ultimate 64bit on a compact flash and test if system booting works always in the right way.

Thank you,


No way,

System continues to stop. I think it is not a problem of SATA 1 / 2 because could stop during bios start or during normal windows execution. I tried to change all settings of BIOS, change HDD cables, change alimentation but all with the same result: system is unstable. What can I do?


I will send YOu PM as i think You are from Italy.


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