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[Technical Inquiry] Connect to ADAM 5510EKW/TP over ethernet using LabVIEW


I have now installed an ADAM 5017 (as opposed to a 5017P) in the 5510EKW/TP chassis, and obtained readings back. This tends to confirm that the final issue was that the 5017P is not compatable with the 510EKW chassis.

I'm now in a situation where I have obtained readings from both a 5017 and a 5050 in a 5510EKW/TP chassis, and also readings from two Adam 6050 units, all over TCPIP. This is all the Advantech hardware functioning for this project, and I can get on with implementing the specific functionality required.

I'm still trying to speak to the supplier and establish how we could have ordered and recieved incompatable items - a bit of a mix up all round I suspect, we shouldn't have ordered them, they should have spotted the problem.

Thanks once more for the help I have received via this forum.

I'm sure I'll be posting again next time I hit trouble

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Hi please kindly refer to the attach example which demonstrate how to move local I/O value to Modbus address. There are some learning curve on how to figure out the corresponding KW I/O address and the Modbus address.



dossier surendettement



how to connect ADAM 5000 TCP over ethernet using Labview??
it's so difficult and make me so sad..

thanks for your attention..


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