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[Technical Inquiry] Webaccess/HMI - Scaling inputs

Webaccess/HMI - Scaling inputs


This relates to Webaccess/HMI, NOT Webaccess/SCADA.

When creating Tags for a numerical input, there is no provision to scale the input from raw data to it's engineering unit.
Example, raw data 0 to 65535 for say a temperature sensor, the engineering unit range would be 0 to 100.

Other SCADA software allows for a multiplier and an offset.

When creating a meter object, there is no provision there to do this scaling either.

I guess I could create an internal tag, and create a macro to write the scaled value to that tag, then have the meter read from that tag, but that would mean I am using up 2 tags for one input.

What is the best way to do this scaling?



I see that the Numeric Display has an Advance tab, where the raw data can be scaled.

That just leaves the question of how to display scaled data on a Meter?



I'm sorry I don't think anyone connected to the Webaccess/HMI support looks at the forum.I can't say that I know anything about it- I don't work on it day-to-day. I asked someone else who does; he said yes, he has a Link tag read the value, a Internal Memory tag for the result and a macro to write the unscaled link tag into that internal memory tag.


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