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[Technical Inquiry] ADAM-5017H (on 5000TCP)

ADAM-5017H (on 5000TCP)


I have used 6000's extensively, and am used to looking for 0-65535 for AI.

I have a temp sensor hooked up to an ADAM-5017H, using 4-20mA

I checked in the utility, and it is reading the mA fine, but the module puts out
"two's complement" number format, and I am not sure how to convert this to
a format that I can use, ie 0-65535

I am using Mango automation software, which can accept lots of formats, but not

Can I set the module to push engineering units instead? The manual mentions this
I think.

Example readings for aprox 22 degrees are 1828(dec) and 0725(HEX)

Thanks for any help


The 5017H is a 12bit card.

In a 5000/485 the ASCII mode has mA,mV,V as engineering values or 2's complement. Or Modbus which is a unsigned 12 bit number (stored in a 16bit register).

In the 5000/TCP the Modbus/TCP register only contains a only raw 12bit, 0-4095.
If you state the selected range I'll tell you how 1828 works out to Eng Units.


Hi Ben,

Yes 0 - 4095 works.

What threw me off was the manual, saying that the bottom value was 02E9(745).
So scaling 745 to 4095 is obviously wrong.

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To clarify that table is Only for ASCII commands, section 6-79 of the manual.
Modbus does not have any 2's complement or Engineering units representation in the 5000/TCP. Modbus returns only raw, unscaled values.


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