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[Technical Inquiry] PonConOS about old adam-5550kw

PonConOS about old adam-5550kw

I  have an old device, using ADAM-5550KW, but the ADMA-5550KW is damaged and can't run. I replaced an old spare part, but the proconos running in this spare part is Advantech ADAM5550 V3_02_01, unable to run my program. I downloaded ADAM-5550_ProConOS_Ver3_02_64 on your company website. After installation, I found that the program can run, but after running for 10-30 seconds, the program will stop running and wince will crash.

      I checked the original damaged PAC (ADAM-5550KW) which uses ADAM-5550_ProConOS_Ver3_02_54. Do you have this version of Proconos installation program and can you send me a copy, thank you.


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