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[Technical Inquiry] 5510KW & ADAM-5024 in Multiprog

5510KW & ADAM-5024 in Multiprog


I have recently acquired an Adam 5510EKW/TP in which I have 2 (slots 6-7) with 5024 analog output modules.

I am unable to complete example 6.2 of the 5510KW manual. I am getting no analog output through the ADAM5K_AO block. I have tried writing from %MB to the analog output %QB and I can get an output up to .5v or so, either via modbus TCP or in debug mode. I thought the data input of the 5024 is in engineering units? It seems to be expecting a ASCII value...I can write a value up to 256 only. I also tried to move a 5017 input to an output without luck.

The 5024 is set for 0-10v and I am able to change the output on all channels via the Adam utility in programming mode.

My goal is to monitor/control the inputs/outputs via modbus TCP using a raspberry PI/node red. I can read DI's,AI's and set DO's, but no luck with the AO's so far.

Does anybody know whata m I doing wrong?

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