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[Technical Inquiry] Setting ADAM-6117EI-AE IP address

Setting ADAM-6117EI-AE IP address

I have the unit in INIT mode.  I am able to connect to the unit via the APEX utility. I enter the IP address information I want. Click apply.  I can't get the IP address to stick.  I can't find any good documentation on this unit setup.
I have tried to after setting the unit powering it off, switching to run mode then powering on but does not stick.

What are the correct steps for setting the IP address on this unit?  Is there a document somewhere that outlines the procedure?

Thank you, Mike


There aren't any more steps than that.

What is the exact IP, Subnet & gateway you've inputted?

What version of the utility are you using?


IP Address is
Subnet Mask

Version of utility = 2.05.10

The set IP address / subnet and gateway remains in the fields as long as I am connected in INIT mode to it on the IP.

After setting it I put the unit into RUN mode and power cycle the unit.   Is this the correct?

I'll have to try again, maybe I wasn't validating that the IP address was set properly.  Pretty sure I couldn't get a ping response though.  Was late in the day.

Do you know if there is any further documentation on the unit other than the 2 pager and the video on how to set it up on a Logix processor?  Just curious.  I've done a lot of work with the 6050 modbus units and there was a pretty lengthy manual I found for it.  Love the ADAM units but sometimes find it hard to find documentation on the site.

Thanks so much for the response.  Was worried this post/forum may not be frequented.


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