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[Technical Inquiry] EKI-122x - Fisrt job

EKI-122x - Fisrt job

I am used to work with Modbus systems, but it is my first time working with Advantek, so I’d like a little help.
Where do I find a tutorial or something related to EKI-122x configuration, Modbus RTU tests or something related? Perhaps someone can provide me any example or something?
I have been given the task to make a Bacnet TCP/IP Integration of Modbus RTU devices trough one EKI-1221 and one EKI-1222.
I already made the basic configuration on the EKI-122x like TCP/IP ports changes, and COM ports changes, using the EKI device utility and the browser access, just like in the manual.
I configured the EKIs COM ports as Master Modbus RTU.
My Network Device Manager will pool the data from the EKI and then convert it to Bacnet
But, how can I configure the EKI through the device utility and/or the browser access to pool the Modbus slave devices I want?
And how do I convert it to Modbus IP??
How do I prove it is OK, before I put on the Network Device Manager to do its work?
I can use Modbuspool and Modscan to check the EKI .
Thanks and regards

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