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[Technical Inquiry] Adam 6066

Adam 6066

Currently I am working on a project using one set of Adam 6066 (local) to trigger another 6066 (remote) unit through peer to peer configuration.
At the local Adam: this is the current GCL configuration.
Rule 1: I have one digital input to trigger a timer of 6 Sec.
Rule 2: An AND gate takes in the timer (6 sec) and the digital input. When the logic is 1 at the output, it will trigger a buzzer at the remote Adam.

At the remote Adam, the GCL was disabled and basic peer to peer configuration was made.

The issue is: the timer counts to 6 sec and activate the buzzer. But after 1 sec, it stops activating. The digital input status shows 'failed'. The timer restarts and counts 6 sec and activate the buzzer again and this recurs every 6 sec. I was expecting the buzzer to trigger continuous  until a switch was activated.

Has anyone encountered this before or can advise how to solve it?



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