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[Technical Inquiry] WebAccess Alarm and SMS

WebAccess Alarm and SMS


I am confused over how to set up the alarm for tags.

1. Temperature probes
Assuming that the reading is in integer, 2050 means 20.5 degree Celsius, how so I set up the system when the temperature goes above 25 degree C? What is the difference between HH and H?
How to set up so that the SMS keeps sending every 5 mins in the alarm is not acknowledged?

2. Digital Input
How to set up alarm if the input is 'ON'?

Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.


WebAccess SMS and Alarm


H - High Alarm
HH - High High Alarm

In order to set alarm you need to use which type of alarm you would like to set. Based on your example, if you want to trigger alarm when the temperature goes up to 25 c then, you can select either HH or H alarm. Make sure the priority is more than 0. 0 = disable.

if you want to set 2 alarm for single tag, for example High Alarm = 25 C and High High Alarm = 50. You need to use H and HH alarm. when the temperature goes up to 25, webaccess will trigger an High Alarm and when it goes up to 50 then it will give you High High Alarm. that's the difference between H and HH.

the SMS program is set to send only 1 alarm per sms. it will not send many sms if the alarm is not acknowledge.


In order to setup digital input alarm, in tag property please select from "No Alarm" to "Alarm"
if your DI state 1 = ON, then choose State 1 Alarm, make sure priority is more than 0. 0 is disable.


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