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[Technical Inquiry] Same unit number for device with different ports

Same unit number for device with different ports


Here is the issue I am facing.

I have an EKI-1524 with 4 ports.
I connect one temperature probe (RS-485) on each port of the EKI

When setting up tags with WebAccess, I cannot use the same slave ID (unit number) even I am using different ports.
The software complains that 'another device is already using the same unit number 244, please use another unit number'

The reason I chose a EKI-1524 is because I do not want to change the slave ID of my temp probes. Now I am faced with this situation.

1. What must I do in order to use the same RS485 temp probes with same slave ID?
2. All my temperature probes have already been mounted permanently  in the ceiling. If I need to change slave ID, can I do it via WebAccess and EKI-1524?



Is this forum active? I can't find answers; that's why I turned to this forum....



For some unknown reasons, I was able to use the same unit number and different com port today.
Go figure...


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