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IPPC not booting up

IPPC not booting up

Model No.: IPPC-6192A
Part No.: IPPC-6192A-R1AE
Serial No.: KSA0396880
CPU: Intel Core2Duo (purchase in Advantech)
Memory Card: APACER DDR3 2B 240pins (purchasedlocally)
HDD: Seagate 2.5” 500Gb (purchased locally)
The problem is this pc is not booting up. Allperipherals/components needed are properly installed. The power supply is ok.But there is no display on its LCD screen. Also there is no any response fromthe built-in speaker.
Here are the lists of solutions that I try (but still notgood)
1.       1. Iuse a PS/2 keyboard (in a good condition) to try if it just like an ordinary desktopthat needs a keyboard to boot up. = Failed, no response
2.       2. Iuse a CRT Monitor (in a good condition) to try if the problem is only on theTouchscreen LCD monitor. = Failed, no output
3.       3. Iremove the memory card then start up to hear if the built-in speaker willindicate a NO memory card alarm. = Failed, no response
As far as I know, the built-in speaker will buzz2 short times to indicate that the boot up is normal and buzz longer if thereis no memory card inserted.
4.      4. Iinspect the CPU, Memory Card, and HDD if there’s a mistake on my installation.= all of it are properly connected
5.      5. Iinsert the memory into another slot to try if the problem is on the memoryslot. = Failed, no response
6.      6. Iuse another SATA cable for HDD and connect into another SATA slot just to try.= Failed, no response
7.      7. Iinsert the Windows XP installer, trying if the PC will boot on the installer. =Failed, no response
8.       8.Icheck all the power/data connections and jumper settings on the motherboard. all of it are properly connected/set
9.      9.  Ialways read the user manual (IPPC-6192A Manual Edition1) and followed what itsaid. = Failed, no use




Dear mcmoico1200,

You are right that most motherboards do POST beep with/ or constant pulse-beep without RAM ... but in embedded products this rule not always works
The common reason are RAM modules >=2GB with mismatched JEDEC configuration.
It mostly happens on Elpida chips.

Easiest way is to select different RAM brand/model/capacity... sometimes even shipping lot makes a difference.
Is much easier to choose different RAM modules instead of tweaking RAM SPD.

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