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ADAM 5510EKW/TP can't response (timeout) both Normal or INIT mode

ADAM 5510EKW/TP can't response (timeout) both Normal or INIT mode

Hi All,

Need Help....

I try to download program from Multiprog to this ADAM but the response is always timeout, while i still can ping the IP of this ADAM.

I use the utility to recover all files to default configuration in init mode but it can't refresh the folder.

In terminal Prompt i can't write anything, stroke is not responding except the "space" stroke both in normal or Init Mode

This Picture is Terminal in Init Mode :

Terminal in Normal Mode :

Actually what happened with this ADAM and what should i do...?

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I've seen similar behavior two times before.  The first time I found that Microsoft ActiveSync was listening on the same COM port as was being connected to the ADAM-5510KW  "Prog" port.  As long as ActiveSync was running/installed the COM port would only receive, not transmit. Removing ActiveSync fixed it.

The second time I couldn't get it work except to RMA the unit to a service center where they were able to reload the OS and KW runtime.


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