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[Technical Inquiry] Wonderware to WebAccess

Wonderware to WebAccess

Hi, Good day!Our company uses Adam 5000/485 with 5018 brackets attached for oven applications.
We are planning for a system upgrade, given the following parameters:

Existing system:
OS: Windows 98
PICO Data Ladders (USBTC-08)
Window Viewer 2 (Intouch Windowmaker v.7.0)
Wonderware 2000 (Historical Data Mgr. v.6)
DDE Server ADAM 5000 series Windows 95/NT v.2.11

Planned System:
AdamView v. 4.25
Windows 03 or 07 OS

Hope you can give us idea how we will start. Thanks and God bless!


Dear sir,
WebAccess can directly connect to Adam 5000/485 with 5018 brackets.
There is no need to use ADAMView.

WebAccess support WinXP, Vista 32/64, Win7 32/64, Windows Server 2003 and 2008 32/64


Okay Thanks..


Anymore peripherals we need in order for us to have an optimum software?


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