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[Technical Inquiry] Setting the USB4711 Configuration from VB

Setting the USB4711 Configuration from VB

I have 4 USB4711A devices running under various programs for acquiring data in a mill. With the old SDK under XP I can set up the device dynamically from the program. I want to upgrade to DAQNavi so that the programs can run under WIN7 and beyond. I don't see a way to set up the device from the program with the new DAQNavi software.
I need to set the Connection type and the Value range by code at run-time as I could in the previous XP version of the the software. I've noticed in the Multimeter program that this is done, i.e. the Value ranges are set.
Can you please give me some examples of this?
If it is a matter of using API's, can you give me direction to the correct API's and/or the Registry locations for accessing the parameters? I can't load BIODAQ.DLL into the references under Visual Studio.

Another question that could be the solution.  
There is a function called LoadProfile.

Visual Basic (Declaration)   
Public Function LoadProfile(ByVal fileName As String) As ErrorCode

Visual Basic (Usage)
Dim instance As DaqCtrlBase
Dim myProfile As String = "c:\my_demo_profile"

From the USB4711 setup in the My Computer Device Manager, I exported the *.XML setup file.
Using the .LoadProfile function, I tried calling in the above *.XML setup file. I received an error saying that the format was wrong.
What is the correct format and how is this file generated?


So,The FAQcovers the export and import.
It says "This is the ONLY way to save the configuration"
The format is not documented for editing or creating outside of the Navigator

The VB examples do not have a console version, which in C# you'd find the examples that go through referencing the API directly (as opposed to the forms component). In that regard is not a first-class language in the examples.

You can cross-translate the C# console example into
Then examine the DAQNavi documentation. they have a section about setting 'valueranges' and 'signaltypes' from code.
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LoadProfile Method

THANK YOU for the point-in-right-direction.

What is the LoadProfile function that is in the VB example used for?

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