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Industrial Automation Discussion

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HMI Platform

Industrial Gateway / Wall-mount Control Platform / DIN-rail Control Platform / Power Substation / Industrial Operator Panel
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Programmable Automation Controller Controllers / Input/Output Modules / Remote I/O Systems
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Automation Software

SCADA / HMI Software
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Motion Control

Decentralized Motion Control Solution/ Centralized Motion Control Card
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Industrial I/O

PCI Card/ ISA Card/ PC/104 Module/ PCI-104 Module/ USB DAQ Module/ RS-485 I/O Module/ Ethernet I/O Module
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Softlogic Programming

KW Multiprog Programming / Ladder Diagram / Function block / Sequence flow chart
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General Discussion

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Vertical Market Applications

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Embedded Automation Computer

Industrial Operator Panel / Industrial Monitor and Display / Panel PC / Workstation / Automation Platform
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Machine Vision

Cameras/Vision Software/Frame Grabbers/Vision System
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